First freebie: Weekly Distance Education Tasks Planner

A common complaint from parents is that it is very hard to keep track of the work their children need to do. Students forget to do tasks or can’t find the exercises. This way you can have all the English work ready and prepared in an easy overview. If you send this file to the parents the kids can keep track of the work themselves. For kindergarten and grade 1 and maybe even grade 2 depending on the level of your students I might put a picture of the assignment instead of text and in location either a link or a picture of the book that they need to use. The file is made in Word so you could still adjust it to your own needs.

As promised I’m going to share also freebies on this site.   I made a straight forward weekly distance education task planner.   You put the task or assignment in the first column, second column is where to find the resource (book, page, website etc)  after that you put the due date.  The next column is for your student to tell you if he thought it was hard or easy and the last column he can note down extra questions.  Those questions you can address in a online 1-1 session or in a general lesson if more students have the same question.   This is a very easy way to get the students to be prepared for an online session which will safe time.

You can find the file in my teachers pay teacher shop as a freebie