Distance Education – Part 2: Teaching Very Young Learners Online

As a parent and a teacher of very young learners, I know that a lot of teachers are struggling with educating our young learners. Especially preschool teachers are looking for different ways to educate and guide our precious little ones. I’ve seen very good examples and I’ve seen room for improvement. I have struggled myself […]

First freebie: Weekly Distance Education Tasks Planner

A common complaint from parents is that it is very hard to keep track of the work their children need to do. Students forget to do tasks or can’t find the exercises. This way you can have all the English work ready and prepared in an easy overview. If you send this file to the […]

STEM/STEAM in ESL language learning – part 1

In this series of articles I want to go deeper into stem/steam teaching. The first articles is as always an article on the technique itself and after that I will offer worked out STEM/STEAM lessons. Why is it important in TEFL / ESL lessons? Well a lot of students lack STEM instructions. They never get […]

Distance Education – part 1 : General Guidelines

In my inbox I got a message from an ex colleague asking me for advice on starting up distance education in her school. TEFL/ESL lessons where put on hold for her school and she needs to come up with a plan to also integrate the English lessons into the distance education plan. Instead of only […]

CLIL teaching (part 1)

Another teaching method that I love is CLIL teaching. Although a lot of tefl teachers use it often they aren’t aware of it. In this post I will go into the concept and the benefits of CLIL Teaching. In this series I will try to give CLIL teaching ideas and help you to have successful […]

Montessori in ESL language learning – part 1

Montessori is still very popular. When looking for teaching advice or materials I often stumbled upon Montessori materials and the Montessori way to teach, however often the suggested materials were pretty expensive and not always possible in my classes. So how can you use Montessori in your lessons or at home? Now I’m not a […]

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog. This blog is all about teaching, which materials to use and how to use everyday objects in your lessons, but also about raising children with multiple languages. I’m a very active young learners teacher as well as a parent of 2 very very active toddlers. I’m trying to raise my […]

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